It is also important for powder coating to guarantee good adhesion to the material.
The use of an adhesive primer is not always necessary thanks to our 1-layer powders, which already guarantee a very good adhesion with the material.
Nevertheless, an adhesive primer is certainly recommended in all cases because it gives a nicer and stronger final result.

In a number of cases an adhesive primer is necessary
For all light metals, soft metals and alloys. These are generally soft metals with strong degassing properties that can cause adhesion problems with the powder coating when heated.
These soft metals benefit greatly from an adhesive primer because, in addition to better adhesion, it also provides a degassing effect during curing.
in our coating4all shop we only offer professional adhesive primers for do-it-yourself and SME powder coating in 3 colors
Adjust the pimer color to the base color. The lighter the base color, the lighter the primer.

Our zinc-containing primer is recommended if it concerns old recycled metals that have been subject to severe corrosion or will have to function in very severe and highly corrosive conditions.



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