Our Flakes are an additive especially for powder coating and liquid coatings to turn a standard coating into a metallic finish.
You can mix our Flakes in a transparent top layer but also in a base layer of neon, candy or 1 of the many RAL colors
This way you can create different effects. Always close the mixed layer with a transparent topcoat to protect the flakes against weather influences. There are different types of metallic flakes in different colors and flake sizes.


Processing advice
Flakes are an additive in all forms
You will have to mix these in a base coat or in a top coat
For every method of application, you should always finish with a transparent top layer to seal off the flakes from the weather.
The 0.1 mm flakes are also excellent to process with a paintbrush.
The sizes 0.2 and 0.3 mm can be used with paint sprayers for car paint systems.
A corona system is recommended for powder coating processing.
Depending on the size and chosen mixing ratio, a structure can arise in the end result.
If this is not desirable, it can be smoothed out transparently with additional layers.
With pre-testing you can work towards the desired effect before treatment
Processing temperature up to 180 °C
Mixing ratio in the base 2 to 5%  (5 grams on 250 grams of powder coating) but can be completely adjusted to the desired result. Pre-testing is necessary due to many possibilities.


Colors shown on our site may deviate from the delivered product. This has to do with lighting software and hardware. You cannot derive any rights from this.
The substrate, pre-treatment and method of processing also determine the final result.
Images are only to illustrate a possibility.
All our powders and additives are excluded from the right to return.

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