The holographic metallic flake powders give your workpiece more depth and brilliance through the microscopic flakes.
The holographic flakes add an extra dimension.
The metallic flakes have a rainbow effect property that gives a play of colors under different light and viewing angles.
Flakes can be mixed in a base color or in a transparent top layer
The holographic metallics can be mixed in both a base layer and a top layer of liquid or powder coating powder
If you mix the holographic flakes in a transparent top layer, this will give even more depth in your color layer. Adjust the color flakes to the desired effect. For example, the same color of flakes as the base color will give a very subtle effect.
If you choose a contrasting flakes, the colors really splash off your coating layer.
For every method of application, you must always finish with a transparent top layer to seal the flakes from weather influences.

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