Fluorescent pigments are composed of dyed organic polymers formulated as solvents for the fluorescent dye.
Unlike regular colors, light emitted by fluorescent colors adds to the light returned by simple reflection to give the glow characteristic of daylight fluorescent materials.
With our fluorine pigment powder you can turn a standard wet paint into a very striking bright color
Thanks to these pigment powders, you can turn a standard color into a unique fluorine coating.
Fluorine colors are not UV stable and should be protected with a UV resistant topcoat if exposed to a lot of sunlight.
When using a topcoat, the fluorine effect may be affected.
Before handling your project, you should carry out careful tests to determine the desired result and processing.
You should add this powder as a pigment and mix it with your base coat or top coat.
This powder is not resistant to high temperatures and not suitable for powder coating
If you want ready-made powder coating, look in our powder category fluorescent neon colors.



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