All our powders are professional quality from top brands such as PPG, Govesan, STpowder, Tiger. Jotun and Eurolack

We supply many colors from the standard ral list, but also specially selected colors that are available in mini packs for tests and mini projects.

Our colors are available in full size factory box, but also many colors in sample packs from just 250 grams for small projects or test sessions.

If you miss a desired color in the shop, email us for availability

Various colors are available not only in high gloss, but also in matt, satin, hammered finish, structure, candy and metallics.

The special effect powders such as Metallic / Flakes, Flip Flop, pearl, neon, fluorine, candy give the extra look that your project deserves.

By experimenting with mixing various colors and textured powders, you can also give your own unique color effect to products in addition to the standard weighing.

Due to variations in screen settings, software and hardware, displayed colors may deviate from the final result.
For this it is necessary to carry out a test with the obtained powder to ensure the agreement with the desired result before handling the entire project.
! All our powders and additives are excluded from the right of return.

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