Business Order.
1) Transfer VAT
2) Order in bulk
3) Discount
4) Payment & credit

1) Transfer VAT
Do you need an invoice with VAT statement for your VAT administration, then this is arranged very simply with us.

All you have to do is check the box > I am a business customer.<
An extra field will open where you can enter your company details with VAT number.
If you have selected the country field for your country of residence outside the EU, the VAT will be automatically deducted and transferred to you.
VAT transfer is possible under the conditions of the tax authorities.
Reverse VAT EU countries excl NL:

Reverse VAT conditions when exporting to other EU countries.
There is an intra-Community supply if you meet 2 conditions:
  1. The goods are exported in the Netherlands to another EU country.
  2. You have a valid VAT identification number in the country where the goods are going.
If you do not meet both conditions, VAT transfer is not possible.

Other information and comments:
Has everything been entered correctly?

Billing address VAT number registered in Vies
VAT number
Agree general terms and conditions and payment obligation checked
​click on > confirm and pay.

Processing your order:

Your order has now been confirmed and has arrived with us.
We will then process the order.
If it concerns a VAT reverse charge invoice, we will consult your supplied VAT ID as standard (mandatory).
We will only contact you in the event of deviations. You will receive instructions for handling your order.
If the status of your order changes, you will be informed by email.

VAT reverse charge not possible:

If you have paid the order including VAT via electronic payment method and afterwards want to have the VAT reversed with a reverse charge VAT invoice, this is no longer possible.
You can then request a refund from the Dutch tax authorities via your own national tax system.

Learn more about business operations.

More information about VAT

2) Bulk order
If you want to order bulk quantities, this is already possible from 20 kg boxes.
These are only delivered to VAT and/or Chamber of Commerce registered companies
There is a bulk category where the powders can be ordered on a quotation basis.
This bulk category is still under development and not all available peoders are listed in the webshop, but you can request it HERE
Mention in it
Your company details billing address
VAT number:
Delivery address:
Desired article number and quantities
You will receive a quote within 24 hours during office hours.
3) Discount
We offer discounts through graduated and Bulk
That means, the more you order, the cheaper it gets.
If an article does not yet have a volume discount or is not yet in the bulk category, send us a message and we will see what we can do for you.


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