Groen koper oranje kameleon metallic vlok van coating4all
Green Copper Orange Chameleon Metallic Flake

Gold Green Blue Chameleon metallic flakes from coating4all gives you an incredibly beautiful color shade under different light and viewing angles in any liquid and powder coating

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Gold Green Blue Chameleon metallic flakes additive for powder coating and wet painting

Our chameleon metallic flakes are a great way to turn any standard coating finish into something special.
Like the regular metallic in the paint on motor vehicles, our flakes are of the highest quality. but the cameleon colors do just more than ordinary flakes. Unlike a cameleon that changes color to fool its attackers, this addition will attract attention.
The colors change under the viewing angle and light, creating a beautiful effect that will give a lot of attention and appreciation.

Our Hexagon flakes are easy to spray, solvent resistant and even retains excellent use in two part epoxy paint.
They are heat resistant up to 204 ° C (400 ° F). Sufficient for almost all powder coating curin temperatures.
Our chameleon micro metal flakes are known for their strong excellent outstanding color shading and excellent workability in even paint brushes.
All our flakes are perfectly solvent resistant, so they can be mixed with all coatings without fading or bleeding like the standard glitters in the hobby shops do.

Processing advice:

When using a base coat, 75 grams of our flakes are used to treat middle class cars. (see disclaimer)
As a basic ratio you can use 5 grams at 250 cc / gram.
But how do you determine which ratio with more or less flakes gives the desired effect for your finish.
Always test in advance for the desired result and mix the ratio as long as you wish.
It is therefore important to ALWAYS make a test series beforehand and note the proportions.

Article: Cameleon metallic flakes
Colors: Gold Green Blue
Quality: Interior (for exterior use finish with top layer transparent exterior quality)
Application: Mix additive based on top coat.
Suitable for: liquid and powder coating
content: from 5 grams
Flake size: +/- 0.1 mm
Basic mixing ratio: 2%
Processing: mix as desired in the base of the topcoat and close with a transparent topcoat
System processing: liquid spray systems / corona powder coating systems
Maximum temperature: 204 ° C
Storage up to: 36 months 5-20 ° C / dark / dry


Colors and effects shown in images on our site may differ from the delivered product and / or end result.
This has to do with various variable factors including the software, hardware, settings, screen, surface, pre-treatment and mixing ratios
Mentioned mixing ratios are a starting advice based on experiences of third parties and may deviate significantly from the physical result achieved by you. Mentioned mixing ratios are not fixed values. You can deviate from this depending on the desired end result.
All these variables determine the final result. You can only experience this by testing.
Images and mixing advice are only to illustrate a possibility and no rights can be derived from them.
All our powders and additives are excluded from the right of return.

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