Free powder


Then join the photo contest.
1x per year we raffle powder among 10 participants.
How does it work
It works very simply in 3 steps.
1 Take a picture of the supplied coating4all powder that you want to use on your project.
2 Take a photo of the project before you start treating it.
3 Take a picture of the end result.

Share it with us and our webshop visitors.
We reward your bet by winning 1 kg of free powder of your choice.
All entries will be displayed on our site with your company name as an advertisement.
Competing for FREE powder?
Send a new email to
Mentioned in the mail
  1. Your name
  2. Order invoice number uses powder.
  3. What material the part is.
  4. article number of the first layer
  5. article number (s) of the next layer (s)
  6. Describe as accurately as possible in steps how and with which article number you have treated it
  7. Add your photos in attachment
Then press send email and that's it
You don't have to do more
Your submission will be assessed and posted on our site.
And then wait and see if you have earned 1 KG FREE POWDER with your entry.
View all results in our showroom >>

Participate rules
  • Submit a maximum of 3 photos per step
  • The submitter can participate unlimitedly in various projects.
  • The submitter only supplies photos that have been taken or have had the project taken with the product supplied by coating4all.
  • sender agrees to unlimited royalty-free and public use of provided image and content material by coating4all.
  • The sender declares that images and content are in no way whatsoever by sender or third parties digitally authenticated with rights of any kind.
  • The sender declares by submitting images and content that if these are wholly or partly produced by third parties on behalf of the sender, they are free of rights for publication.
  • coating4all cannot be held liable in any way for the use by third parties of the image and / or content material supplied by the entrant and published by coating4all.
  • sender states the order / invoice number in his message
  • The submitter has a treatment steps overview mentioned in the email
  • There will be no correspondence about results
  • Winners will be personally notified.
  • Provided powder cannot be exchanged for cash or returned for credit.
  • Only the powder coating powders from the coating4all range in the versions available from 250 grams are included in this competition. All other products are excluded from this competition
  • coating4all reserves the right to exclude an article desired by the entrant from the available powders with respect to the competition from participation if coating4all deems this necessary for reasons involving the quality, consumption, environmental or legal reasons for the delivery and use of the product is not (anymore) permitted or possible. If applicable, coating4all offers an alternative choice.
  • Raffle will take place 1x per year on January 01 from 01/01/2022 on all entries.
  • If the number of entries is less than 10 during 12 months, the raffle will be moved to the moment that the minimum number of entries has been reached

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